But Healing Does Come (eBook)

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Have you seen yourself lately? When you reach the But Healing Does Come, phase, ask yourself this question. 

Over time, you learned it hurts to heal—now you're starting to look like a new person. Inward growth is manifesting outwardly.

Inside these pages, you realize healing can come, and to maintain it, we must remind ourselves of the lessons learned along the way. 

Grace is the main ingredient needed continuously: the grace to give and the grace to receive.

Both books, 'It Hurts to Heal" and "But Healing Does Come," are used simultaneously on your healing journey. Healing has two components—mess and structure. 

This book is a reminder to embrace the pruning while celebrating who you someday become by showing up as the best version of yourself daily.

But Healing Does Come is the second poetry collection and book of the series by Janae Carlee. She published this in 2021 to demonstrate how growth happens over time. 

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But Healing Does Come (eBook)

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